How to use HandyFlowy (Basic)


Do you want to use WorkFlowy in smartphone without stress?

If you want to use, how about HandyFlowy?

How to use 

・Bookmark Function

It’s like WorkFlowy’s stared pages can bookmark wherever you want in WorkFlowy. For example,search condition or any topic.

How to use

  • touch bookmark icon in the below can see list of bookmarks
  • you can also do this with swiping right at left of the display

How to bookmark 

  • touch twice the bookmark icon or keep touching bookmark icon at the below panel.
  • touch unregistered icon at the left panel

You can edit bookmark’s font color & background color. You can make folder, separator line.

・Search Function

Function for search your WorkFlowy.

You can

  • see your search history
  • save your sarch list
  • input WorkFlowy’s search operators easily

How to use

Touch search icon. You see these icons top of the keyboard.

serch icons

  1. settings
  2. insert is:complete/is:shared/is:embedded
  3. insert NOT (-)
  4. insert OR
  5. insert Last-Changed:
  6. insert Completed:
  7. insert has:note
  8. search history
  9. insert from search phrase list
  10. insert from phrase list
  11. erase
  12. insert string/register phrase

Part of these is for Pro version.

・Navigate Function

Touch the navigate icon


you can

  1. jump to previous sibling list
  2. zoom out to a parent list
  3. jump to next sibling list
  4. go back
  5. go to your start list (you can edit where to start) 
  6. go forth

There is more useful function.


You can use these icons when you edit your WorkFlowy.

  1. expand list
  2. collapse list
  3. expand ⇔ collapse list
  4. move cursor to the beginning of the line
  5. move cursor to the end of the line
  6. move cursor right
  7. move cursor left
  8. move cursor to the beginning of the above topic
  9. move cursor to the beginning of the below topic
  10. zoom in
  11. zoom out
  12. jump to previous sibling list
  13. jump to next sibling list

Part of these is for Pro version.

・Edit⇔View mode

How to switch Edit⇔Reading mode

  • touch the icon in the below panel

a. Edit mode

You can edit your WorkFlowy.

These are HandyFlowy’s useful edit functions.You see these icons top of the keyboard.


  1. hide keyboard
  2. create note
  3. complete item
  4. duplicate list
  5. create child list
  6. indent
  7. outdent
  8. move list up
  9. move list down
  10. undo
  11. redo
  12. delete
  13. insert from phrase list
  14. paste
  15. insert string/register phrase 1
  16. insert string/register phrase 2

Part of these is for Pro version.

b. Reading mode

You can read your outline without stress in this mode.

  • keyboard doesn’t appear in this mode
  • topics can’t move
  • you can zoom in only once
  • you can use bookmark & search function 
  • double touch upper half of display → scroll to the top 
  • double touch lower half of display → scroll to the bottom 

・Tab Function

Push the Tabs icon.You can jump to the list you register.

This is like you can switch WorkFlowy between 2 displays.


I’m not good at writing English. If there is any wrong expression, I’m sorry about that.

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